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Sorry for the long period of absence. But I'm not leaving. Don't worry Jilly, I'm still here to support your community :)

Well, I finally saw Peter Pan! It was great! I'm gonna have to buy it now haha. And...wow. Jeremy Sumpter. Damn that boy is fine. Too bad he's so young. To me at least. Well I dunno, I like Daniel Radcliffe and he's young too. ANYWAY..Peter Pan was great. But it made me sad! I wanted Peter and Wendy to be together. I thought that's how it ended? You know that other movie with Robin Williams? Aren't Peter and Wendy married and grown? Or maybe that's a different story?? But why would you change the story of Peter Pan?

Some news about LOTR...
There's some rumor that there is going to be an Extended Extended version?? I don't know what the heck they're talking about...
*prays there will be extended extended version*

Okay and who is upset about the TRL episode being postponed??? I sure as hell am. I was looking forward to watching that today and seeing the GoF set. Well I was really wanting to see what they'd have Hermione in this time. *sigh*
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