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welcome to fandoms_united, or as we like to call it, f_u! this is a community created by writish303, born2bebrit and writish202 to bring all of our fandoms together. so far, this includes LOTR (the triology is over but the fandom lives on! yes!), HP (which most certaintly DOES NOT include emma watson), and Peter Pan. We'll probably tag on a few more later. yea well that's about it for now...if you wanna join, you don't have to be a fan of all three, but you have to be of at least two, and you can't go bashing any of the fandoms okay? okay.

SO...teh application...



How did you find our community?:

Tell us a bit about why you like LOTR and/or HP and/or Peter Pan:

Any other fandoms you would like us to consider to include in our lovely community?:

yea ok so...GO JOIN OR F_U!

teh megalomaniac mods
erika(born2bebrit) and jilly (writish303) oh and erica (writish202) even tho she hasn't really had a say in this yet and we're just kinda forcing her into it :D
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